Thoughts from Miracle Mile: What's the Point of Life?

Sometimes I wonder, "what's the point of life?". Not in a sorrowful sort of way, but in an inquiring, curious manner.

Some people find their own purpose in making money, but isn't this just the expression of some deeper force? Isn't everything we do, from business, to art, to government, just the manifestation of some greater meaning?

The truest, most honest way to understand this meaning is by feeling. It's not that this meaning doesn't exist in the physical world - it does. It's aroused through money, through art, and through the societal systems around us, and it's even activated in the synapses of our brains and nerve endings in our gut. But where it's fully experienced is in a space invisible to the human eye - a space that's shared with others, yet is undeniably our own to claim.

This still doesn't answer the question - "what is the point of life?". But maybe there is a flaw in the question itself. Maybe there is no point, but rather a continuous flow - like a stream gushing in some spots and trickling in others - in which we periodically frolic, and sometimes swim, off the shores of the river: this beautiful strand.