Thoughts from Republique: On the Meaning of National Poetry Day

Today is "National Poetry Day". Tuesday was "National Taco Day", and Sunday "National Boyfriend Day". But shouldn't everyday be the "National" day for all of these?

To focus extra attention on one or the other, because some external power said we must - this seems a bit repressive. To see the flocks of people, myself even, flooding the airwaves with pictures and quotes to be part of the rat race, rather than as a form of true expression - it seems a bit ironic.

But, if anything, these artificial "holidays" give us a reason to believe. They serve as a channel into our value system, only if we recognize the direction of this flow, and make a purposeful effort to reverse the current, to flip the "holiday" on its head and exert our own meaning into it.

Then we can enjoy and celebrate the full extent of what these "holidays" are meant to accomplish.